Nov 1, 2011

7th plugin : zUploader


you can use this plugin to upload your images (to imageshack) directly from cinema4d.

how to use?
1- Select the source (picture viewer, clipboard or your hard drive.)
notice that if your choose a file from the picture viewer, or the clipboard, you have to set a name for your your file and a format ( by default you get "monImage.jpg").
2- Press Upload! button
3- Copy your link (direct link, thumbnail link, BBcode link, or html link)

i hope you like this one :)

download >> zUploader for windows

download >> zUploader for MacOs

Tutorial :


  1. Hi,

    I like this plugin idea, but i tried and it only worked with the option file. Is there a way to upload from a non-saved image at picture viewer? I tried using 'edit -> copy' from picture viewer, but it didn't work also. I couldn't upload by clipboard.